Living with Intent or Getting By?

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Do you live with intent or are you merely getting by?

Do you ever have one of those days where you think, well, if I just lose the last 10 pounds, I can write a blog on how I did it…or if I could just get that next promotion, I will be able to spend more time with my family or have more “me” time? Or maybe if I could only go back to school I could do something I am truly passionate about?

I have found my clearest musings are done while I am out running – it seems to be the time my brain goes into overdrive. I find myself thinking, well, I should post this on my blog because I can’t be the only one feeling this way…I wonder if others feel this way too…but wait, I need to be perfect and conquer whatever it is before I can share it.

Well, I am no longer going to strive for having it all together. Life is not about getting to a goal at the end; it is about our journey. It not about how much money we make, how much power we hold or the job title. For some, I am sure it provides a certain about of “happiness” but does it really bring us the fulfilment we are looking for in life?

I am not perfect; I never will be. I have had to embrace my mistakes and accept my imperfections. I have had to forgive myself and move on. I started Empower Change as I want to provide support for those looking for change in their life. Whether it be learning to manage stress better, losing weight or even how to take that next step in their career.

I am truly passionate about living life with intent, not perfection. Join me over the coming months as we explore topics that can bring positive change to your life. Topics like learning how to eat healthy while on the run, managing stress during the holidays, and developing a better body image.

I look forward to hearing from my readers on topics they would like covered or specific questions they would like to see answered!

Cheers to the upcoming positive change in YOUR life!


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